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12 Useful Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Wellness

It’s finally the holiday season and if you’re like me, you’re probably scrambling to find the perfect gift for your loved one or a close friend. What’s even more challenging is if the person has specific interests or enjoys very specialized activities. So, if you have anyone on your gift-giving list who loves all things related to wellness or fitness, keep reading! I’ve compiled a list of 12 gifts that will surely put a smile on their face and keep their healthy lifestyle intact. 

Gifts for you

12 Useful Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Wellness


Herbal Warming Scarf

Oh my gosh! I would love to have one of these cozy wraps, especially since it has pockets for your hands. My hands are constantly freezing and this looks like the perfect way to keep them (plus your neck and shoulders) warm at home or while traveling. Hmmm, maybe even the office?

Aromatherapy Warming Scarf - Uncommon Goods

Aromatherapy Warming Scarf – Uncommon Goods

Happy Feet Spa Set

Who wouldn’t love a gift set that will give you happy feet? Besides, winter is a great time to clean up and moisturize those energetic toes and heels. Before you know it, it’ll be flip-flop time again and we all want happy feet at that time.

Happy Feet-Uncommon Goods

Happy Feet – Uncommon Goods

Personal Aromatherapy Pendant

Talk about a cool gift. Now you have the ability to literally ‘surround’ yourself in calming and soothing aroma. I bet this would be especially useful for the active person whose office or work space is in need of a little refreshing, if you know what I mean. (Wink, wink)


Aromatherapy Pendant

Aromatherapy Pendant by Uncommon Goods

Recycled Wetsuits Yoga Mat

What a win this is!! A sturdy yoga mat that is not only made of recycled material, but out of wetsuits, too!! This is the perfect gift for that mindful friend of yours who is not only a yoga buff, but who likes to do their part in saving the environment. Fantastic idea!


Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat-Uncommon Goods

Recycled Wetsuits Yoga Mat – Uncommon Goods

Cordless Jumping Rope

Other than me, who else has stumbled a few times using the old fashion jump ropes?? Are they great for getting the heart rate up? Of course. But tripping yourself up in the process is NOT fun. Well, here you go – a cordless jumping rope. No more excuses. And I bet your physically fit Dad would love one.  

Cordless Jumping Rope

Cordless Jumping Rope from Amazon

Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam

Balance balls have been around for a long time now, but someone finally got smart and put them on wheels so they work a lot better at your desk or home office. What’s nice about this version is the option of the ball holder for stability.

Balance Ball Chair-Gaiam

Balance Ball Chair-GAIAM

Restore Deep Tissue Roller

Muscle and deep tissue rollers have become quite popular lately, especially for extreme fitness-minded individuals. These rollers are a great gift for the beginner exerciser or someone who needs a little extra TLC in their intense workouts.  

Restore Deep Tissue roller-GAIMA

Restore Deep Tissue Roller – GAIMA

Wellness Tribe Monthly Box subscription

So, I have to admit. I haven’t tried one of those monthly subscription boxes before because some of the ones I have previously reviewed, I haven’t liked ALL of the stuff they send you. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new things. But I’m also pretty frugal and paying for something I won’t use really causes me anxiety. But this box? Well, I think this is going on the wish list – for me!

Wellness Tribe Subscription box

Wellness Tribe Subscription box

Local Gifts from the Charleston Lowcountry


For those of you living in the Lowcountry, here are some options for you to support our local businesses. Or even if you don’t live here, I’m sure many of these amazing businesses would be happy to ship something to you.  In fact, I bet the healthy-lifestyle person who may receive one of these wellness gifts would love to have an excuse to visit us in the Lowcountry. Just ask.

Studio 27 Method

Go visit my beautiful friend, Lauren Levine, of Studio 27 Method for a gift certificate for an amazing workout that combines Pilates, ballet, barre, and yoga. Whoever this gift is for will enjoy this former Radio City Rockette’s quiet and graceful style in her beautiful West Ashley studio. Trust me, your fitness fanatic will love this and will be a perfect way for them to start the New Year!

Studio 27 Method

Lauren Lavine of Studio 27 Method

RELIEF Herbal Muscle Gel

As much I enjoy soothing my sore muscles with gels or creams, there are several things I hate about using them. First, you smell like ‘muscle gel’. You know what I mean. The kind of smell that permeates the air even before you walk in a room. Second, I usually have to wear my old t-shirts or pants in case it stains or the smell doesn’t come out. Lastly, I’ve always wondered what I was really putting on my skin. Well now there’s an option. RELIEF Herbal Muscle Gel by Lime and Lotus Organics. Dr. Zgraggen has excluded all harmful ingredients and only uses organic, alcohol-free, non-greasy products for this gel. She even provides a brief video describing her products.

RELIEF Herbal Muscle Gel-Lime & Lotus

RELIEF Herbal Muscle Gel-Lime & Lotus


Abide-A-While Garden Center

As a nature lover, this is one of my favorite local spots especially for buying plants. Unlike big box stores, they have incredible staff who are very knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful. Stop by for some greenery, a beautiful holiday plant or pick up a terrarium for that person on your list who loves being surrounded by natural beauty.

Abide-A-While Nursery

Abide-A-While Garden Center display

Abide-A-While Garden Center display


Salt Spa and Yoga Charleston

Check out this quaint local spa and yoga studio located on upper King Street. Here you’ll find gift certificates for spa services, some amazing artwork as well as other little goodies. Give them a call or stop by. I know they’ll be glad to hear from you.

Salt Spa & Yoga of Charleston

Salt Spa & Yoga of Charleston

Ready to go shopping? 


I hope you found this list of 12 Useful Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Wellness helpful to you during your holiday shopping. In fact, it’s just a small sampling of the ideas our there for that special person who loves to live an active lifestyle. Maybe you’ll even want to add one of these gifts to your wish list.

Have some healthy gift ideas you’d like to share? Please tell me!


All pics and logos are contributed to the individual companies they represent.  

Please note – I do not have an affiliate with any of these products, so if you purchase anything, I will not receive any compensation nor can I guarantee their availability. These ideas are just suggestions. The local suggestions are ideas to support our area businesses.  


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