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13 Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated on our journey to wellness, especially when life gets so hectic. Around this time of year, we start thinking that things should start slowing down with the school year coming to an end and summer peaking its sunny head right around the corning. But for some crazy reason, things don’t slow down and our desire to make time for ourselves and our health wanes a bit.

Motivational Quotes To keep You Going

What I find useful when this happens are inspirational or motivational quotes. They can be funny, sappy or basically tell me to ‘get off my butt’. But whatever these charming little statements offer, I enjoy reading them and most of the time they give me just enough ‘oomph’ to stop procrastinating or whining about being tired.

So, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite inspirational or motivational quotes. Like them? Then, save them, pin them in Pinterest, tweet them on Twitter or share the quotes on Instagram or Facebook. Whatever method you like to use to remember these stimulating words, I hope you find them at least a tiny bit helpful on your wellness journey.


My Favorite Quotes

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Do you have any quotes that help motivate you? Please share those with me and our other readers. The more we can share with each and know that there is a huge support group of individuals just like us, the better.

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