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15 Healthy & Cost Effective Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!

Have you been struggling to come up with something other than a box of sugary, sweet candy or the obligatory bunch of roses for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you and your sweet valentine have agreed not to spend a large amount of money on the special ‘love’ day this year. Actually, that’s a really good idea since according to the National Retail Federation Americans are expected to spend nearly $18.5 billion this year on Valentine candy, flowers and gifts.  That’s a whole lot of money spent on ‘stuff’ we may not need.

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So how you can you show that special person in your life that they mean the world to you without buying the typical, red-infused gifts or artificial junk food? Continue reading below to see 15 ways to have a healthy and cost-effective Valentine’s Day this year.

15 Healthy & Cost Effective Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

1.      Cook a Healthy Meal at Home

Talk with your sweetheart (or family) and come up with a healthy meal you can make together. Whether it’s breakfast, an easy lunch or tasty dinner, cooking together will allow you plenty of time to talk, make a mess and enjoy a wonderful meal.

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2.      Go for a Long Walk

Luckily in Charleston, we have multiple locations for walking, especially with your loved one. Set a time and enjoy this physical activity at the beach, on the Ravenel Bridge, or along the Battery.

3.      Create a Fresh Fruit Basket

Visit the local produce market and pick out your favorite fruits. Once home, wash and prepare them in a beautiful bowl for you and your honey to snack on throughout the week.

4.      Give a Massage

Ok, so who doesn’t like a massage? Most people will agree that receiving (or giving) the gentle touch of massage is not only relaxing but improves your overall disposition. In addition, it is a great way to relieve tension and improves your physical connection with your partner.

5.      Go for a Bike Ride

Just like in #2, we have plenty of spaces around the Lowcountry to enjoy the outdoors. Take your bike to the beach, or cruise your neighborhood. Either way, this is a great way to get your body moving and spend some special, quality time with each other. 

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6.      Visit a Bookstore  

For bookworms, exploring the latest editions or flipping through magazines can be a treat especially if you can flirt with someone in the process. So before or after dinner, visit a local store and occasionally steal a playful glance or two.

7.      Healthy Desserts

If eating dessert ranks high on you or your darling’s list of desires, then you can certainly indulge on this special day. But to ensure that you’re not overdoing it, the site Eating Well has several healthy versions that I think you’ll find intriguing. Think brownies, cake, and truffles. Oh, yes!

8.      Visit a Museum

Welcome to one of the most amazing historic towns in South Carolina, which means, we love our history and love sharing it with everyone. If this type of activity sounds like you and your partner, then take a gentle stroll through some of my favorite local museums – Charleston Museum or Patriots Point.

Yorktown Aircraft Carrier

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9.      Take a Walk Through the Art District

My hubby and I love to walk after dinner, especially downtown. And if you love art, Charleston certainly has many, many local studios you can visit. To learn more about the amazing local talent, visit Charleston Gallery Row .

10.   Chocolate Fondue & Fresh Fruit

For some people, Valentine’s Day just isn’t complete without eating chocolate (I’m including myself in this bucket). With that being said, there’s a healthier version for this classic holiday treat, which includes creating some chocolate fondue (dark or milk – your choice) and dipping fresh berries, apples or bananas. View the recipe on Allrecipes.

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11.   Attend a Fitness Class

Ok ladies. Nothing says ‘love’ like your man coming to a yoga or barre class for you. And men, some of you may be surprised by how much you actually like it. In fact, these ‘graceful’ classes aren’t quite as easy as they look! I promise.

12.   Spend the Day at the Park

Most people love being outside exploring trails, walking the dog or just enjoying the sunshine. Furthermore, spending time in nature with your Valentine and leaving the smartphone at home can rekindle your favorite things you love about each other.

13.   Pretend to be Tourists Together

Whether you are from the Lowcountry like me or you’re new to the area, there’s a lot to learn and explore in our beautiful area. We all know that life can get really hectic with work, family, and other responsibilities, so take advantage of Valentine’s Day and pretend to be a tourist for a day, the week or this weekend. Check out the Charleston Area CVB for ideas. 

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14.   Create an Old-fashion Heart Love Note

Even though your kids may like this idea a lot, it is certainly a sweet gesture for your favorite Valentine. Find some paper, preferably red, and some markers. Begin cutting the heart shape, and then write the sweetest love note you can muster. 

15.   Go Volunteer

Among some couples, giving their time and serving others brings pleasure. Pick your favorite charity, soup kitchen or church and together you can offer your assistance with a meal or social activity.

Did something on this list give you an idea of how you can spend a healthy and cost effective Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart? Maybe you have a similar type of activity you like to do to celebrate this holiday. If so, please share it with me.    

Wishing you love, peace, and health!


Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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