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15 Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress

Ever have one of those days where you are so stressed that all you want to do was go back to bed? Or are you finding that you are easily irritated or consistently grumpy? Perhaps you need to find some healthy ways and time to help you reduce your stress level.

Stone praying handsStress is a normal part of life, but the type of stress or the chronic nature of stress is not very healthy for our mind or our body. According to an American Psychology Association article, 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, and 75-90% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. (1) In fact, stress is often times labeled the ‘silent killer’ because the risk of constant stress can lead to heart disease, increase in high blood pressure, headaches, digestive and reproductive issues as well as other negative impacts on your body without us even realizing it.

If that weren’t enough, many people spend or lose a lot of money due to doctor visits, missed days at work or on unhealthy coping mechanism for stress such as cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. Which, unfortunately, does not make the actual ‘stress’ go away and may even make it worse.

Quite time to relieve stressTo ward off the numerous risks and effects stress can have on our daily lives, read the following 15 healthy ways to reduce your stress level.

1)     Exercise

Whatever form of activity that helps to reduce stress for you, go out and do it.

2)     Write in a Journal

Jot down the things that bring you stress and how you think you can manage them. Also include a list of things that bring you joy and happiness.

3)     Find your Quite Space

Allow yourself 10-15 minutes a day to be in that space to unwind. Maybe it’s sitting on your porch, taking a coffee break or taking a warm, quiet bath.

4)     Pray or Learn to Meditate

If it’s been awhile since you’ve done this, now is the time to begin, again.

5)      Learn Breathing Techniques (2)

These techniques are very easy to learn and you can use them anywhere, even in front of people without them knowing. (This is one I use when I fly because I get very nervous.).

6)     Humor

Whatever makes you laugh, do more of it! Watch your favorite comedy or videos.

7)     Take a Walk

More information from this post ‘Take a Walk to Relieve Stress’.

8)     Go Outside & Enjoy Some Fresh Air

There is a lot of literature touting the many benefits of nature and its affect on stress.

9)     Take a Break at Work

Yes, you are busy, but taking 5 minutes to walk outside will make you more productive.

10)  Listen to Your Favorite Music

Be mindful of the kind of music it is, because some of it can actually have the opposite effect of relaxation.

11)  Get a Massage

12)  Light Your Favorite Candle or Use Aromatherapy

Certain scents will either relax you, such as lavender, or energize you, such as citrus or lemon. Choose whatever fragrance brings you peace.

13)  Don’t Procrastinate

Putting things off will only add to your stress and anxiety, so learn some time management skills.

14)  Play with Your Kids

Not only will this help lower your stress level, but you’ll be improving your parental bond with your family.

15)  Enjoy Pet Therapy happy dog

If you don’t have a pet, you may want to consider the many benefits of pet ownership. However, if the idea of daily feeding, taking care of or cleaning up after a pet brings you anxiety, you can always enjoy pet therapy by visiting your local animal shelter.



For more information about the types of stress and how to cope with overwhelming stress, follow this link at the National Institute of Mental Health.

1)          American Psychology Association (2007)

2)          Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief (2016)

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3 thoughts on “15 Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress

  1. Rolene

    Thank you for this excellent post. I agree with all your methods, but prayer and pet therapy are my favorite! The one I know that works but I don’t enjoy (yet) is exercise.

    1. Ni-cole Bernier Post author

      Thank you so much for the comments, Rolene!
      I agree, prayer and pet therapy are one of my favorites, too. Wouldn’t it be nice if both could ‘cure’ everything??
      Looking forward to following you along on your blogging journey.
      Again, thanks for the feedback!
      Be well,

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