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31 Day Water Challenge

Why Can’t We Drink Enough Water?

We all know that drinking water is good for our health, but too often, trying to drink the recommended amount of 8-10 glasses a day can be challenging. Why? Because we have very busy lives and we are easily distracted by temptation. In fact, it’s ridiculously convenient to grab something to drink other than water, like a Grande double shot Frappuccino or an oversized, highly caffeinated energy drink.

glass of water and ice cubesSo, what can we do? Just like any new exercise or positive habit, we can train ourselves to consume more of what our body needs, and that’s water.  How can we train ourselves, you ask? Well, I would encourage you to consider doing the 31 Day Water Challenge with me.

Why 31 Days?

Previous research and information on habit creation indicates that people can establish or change a habit in about 21 days. But recent data indicates that it is much longer than that. In fact, some articles suggest that the time for creating healthy habits can range from several days to several months.

So, I chose 31 days because it aligns with a calendar month. So if you decide to embark on this healthy, water consumption challenge with me, you can start on the first day of August. And mentally, this will allow you to hit your target goal at the end of the month. The idea is that it is a time of ending a negative behavior and the beginning of a new, positive habit.

But! If you really want to make an impact, you’ll start this challenge TODAY! The end of next month, August, can still be your target date, which makes it longer than 31 days. However, starting the challenge today will not only add extra time for your body to get used to consuming more water, but it will allow you opportunities to reward your successes as well as refocus any lapses along the way.

raspberry in waterHere’s how to do the 31 Day Water Challenge:
  • Drink a glass when you get up in the mornings
  • Drink a glass 30 minutes before breakfast
  • Drink a glass mid-morning
  • Drink a glass 30 minutes before lunch
  • Drink a glass mid-afternoon
  • Drink a glass 30 minutes before dinner
  • Drink a glass before going to bed
  • **Drink a glass whenever you finish working out or whenever you feel thirsty**

Now, here’s the caveat… Be advised that if you normally don’t drink a lot of water regularly, you will probably find yourself running to the bathroom frequently for the first few days, like I did. But don’t worry. (And don’t stop drinking the water!) Once your body gets used to the extra hydration, the extra restroom trips will subside.

To help you with your water challenge, invest in a reusable water container so you can carry it with you throughout the day. Popular insulated versions, like S’well and Yeti, are perfect for keeping your water ice-cold. But other versions such as Tervis Tumblers and glass ones are also great for carrying around your water to meetings, the gym or in the car. I have versions of all the ones mentioned above and use whichever one is clean at the moment.

stainless and glass water bottles

Final Thought

Not only will your body appreciate (and love you back in positive ways) the increase in your daily water intake, but you will find that you will actually ‘crave’ more water. Yep, you can join the group of water carrying bandits like me. Don’t be surprised if you start finding water bottles in your car, at work, your gym bag and at home. No worries though. That just means you get to go purchase a cute one to use for each location.

So, drink up!! (Water, that is…)

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Are You Already a Water Bandit?

Already consuming a lot of water? How did you train yourself?

How about your container? Do you have a favorite water bottle or container you like to use? Share it with me or send me a pic.


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