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4 Effective Ways to Overcome Roadblocks

We’ve all been there. You contemplate and develop specific wellness goals you want to accomplish. Next, time is spent establishing plans and incremental targets for your goals. As you travel throughout your transformative journey, you start experiencing small wins and achievements and you feel good about yourself. Then, BAM! Something happens. You’ve hit a roadblock. Now what?

That lousy roadblock can be small, but hugely annoying, as a summer cold that is preventing you from doing your normal workout routine. (Pointing to myself as a blow my nose for the 100th time this week. Ugh!) Perhaps the roadblock is disguised as a recently overindulgent vacation that has not only added a few pounds, but has sidetracked the healthy eating habits you already established. Sometimes, a roadblock can even be a serious health issue for you or a loved one, which may completely sideline your modest progress for a while.

Roadblocks can even come in the form of a chaotic work issue that prevents you from eating properly, not moving enough throughout the day due to meetings or even interfering with that planned exercise class you were looking forward to at the end of the day.

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Regardless of what ‘type’ of roadblock we encounter, we can’t beat ourselves up over it, nor can we let the offensive roadblock control us. Instead, we have to accept the current situation and then consider how we can deal it, overcome it and then move on.

As such, the next time an irritating challenge pops up on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, consider some of the four following ways to overcome the roadblock.

  1. Accept that the challenge/roadblock/setback has happened and move forward. Don’t beat yourself over the situation because it’s a futile effort and besides, a negative mindset or self-loathing will get you nowhere. Example: You gained 5 pounds while on vacation because you just couldn’t pass up on all those yummy desserts and high-calorie fruity drinks. Guess what? It’s ok. It happened. You overindulged. Let it go. Time to get back on track.
  2. Consider what small actions you CAN take during the roadblock. Example: No one ever feels like working out with a cold, especially during the hot summer. But what you can do is focus your efforts on lighter activities like walking, basic yoga moves, or longer stretching exercises indoors. If a work issue is the roadblock, pre-plan healthy, nutritious meals the night before so you can easily take them into meetings or have them if you have to stay late. And remember to take stairs when walking to meetings, and ‘move’ at least once every hour.
  3. Rediscover your motivation. Think about why you began a wellness journey in the first place. Was it a critical event, feeling or thought that finally prompted you to change your behavior and begin the process of a healthier lifestyle? Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to revive what inspires you and drives you forward because nothing is better than feeling healthy, confident and fearless.
  4. Consider the numerous obstacles you’ve already overcome and the wins you’ve been able to celebrate along the way. Yes, I’m talking about those accomplishments of yours, superstar! If nothing else, this should be enough motivation to kick you back into first gear. In fact, all journeys have ups and downs and that’s what makes them so worth it in the end.

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Roadblocks happen. Challenges happen. Life happens.

The important thing is HOW we handle the bothersome trials. We can let the annoying event or situation sideline us or we can let it be a temporary encounter. The choice is yours.

I bet you’ll choose the latter. Me, too.

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