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5 Easy Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas

We’ve all heard that eating a good breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether the reason is to improve our morning productivity levels or maintain a healthy weight, we know that our bodies need fuel to be fully functional and strong.

However, I struggle with trying to find a nutritional but portable meal for breakfast. Like many of you, I get up very early, workout, and then feverishly get dressed so I can beat the heavy traffic. This means I usually eat breakfast once I sit down at my desk at work. Would I love to eat an amazing veggie omelet or yummy smoothie bowl? Of course! But I don’t have time for that nor the resources – kitchen, stove, fully stocked frig. And your workplace probably doesn’t either.

What I really want in my morning meal is something that is healthy and nutritious, but it needs to be simple and needs to be easily available in the mornings so I can grab-and-go.

Luckily, after searching a lot of sites and recipes, I found a few simple breakfast ideas that fit my criteria and I’m sharing them with you.

5 Easy Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas


Easy Berry Yogurt Smoothie by Salt Air Exchange

Berry Smoothie


In this previous post, I shared with you one of my favorite smoothies that I make often. To make this yummy drink easier for early morning rush time, combine and blend the ingredients the night before and freeze it. Then, all you have to do unthaw this nutritious drink when you wake up and take it with you on your way out the door.


Breakfast Egg Muffins by Dinner at the Zoo


Dinner at the Zoo

When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it for several reasons. One reason is because it’s different than my usual granola bar or yogurt breakfast I have during the work week. Second, Sara describes how you can make this ahead of time, place them in the fridge and then reheat any muffins you want to eat. This process is exactly the kind of convenient breakfast I’m looking for.

Tip – One variation I make with this recipe is occasionally substituting the egg yolks with all egg whites to cut down on the cholesterol.


Morning Glory Muffins by Fawn Dixon on Martha Stewart

morning glory_muffin_MS

Martha Stewart

Who doesn’t love muffins?? You can make them ahead of time and then store them for several days. Muffins are great to eat at room temperature or lightly warmed up. Of course, muffins are also very easy to carry to work or school.

This nutritious recipe from a Martha Stewart reader includes carrots, bananas, raisins and old-fashioned rolled oats.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Waffle Sandwich by Cait’s Plate

PP&J Waffle_Cait's Plate

Cait’s Plate

Let me share something with you. I LOVE peanut butter! I mean, like I REALLY LOVE peanut butter. In fact, I think I have a disorder because I’ve been spreading PB on everything. So as you can imagine, this breakfast idea immediately caught my eye.

In the above link, Cait, a registered dietitian and fellow blogger, shares this very simple recipe using whole grain waffles, peanut butter, jelly or preserves and optional fruit. And since this is so easy, you can quickly put this delicious sandwich together in 5 minutes before heading out the door.


Vegan Blueberry Flax Breakfast Muffins by KBaked



Ok, so I’m a sucker for muffins and blueberry ones are my favorite. However, we know that many times, muffins are packed with sugar and other unmentionables. Luckily, Katherine Baker shares her witty thoughts and a recipe for a healthier version of a blueberry ‘breakfast’ muffin.

Mmm, mmm – Thanks Katherine, I think I just found my new ‘food’ best friend.

BONUS: I realize you know this, but fresh fruit is always easy to pack and take with you. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that the simplest things are usually the easiest.

Ready to Try?

In today’s busy world, we all know that we need to eat breakfast but finding a recipe or food that is nutritious and can be made quickly is a challenge. Hopefully one of these breakfast ideas above has given you a few more recipes to try.

Do you have an easy grab-and-go breakfast meal you like? Please share your yummy suggestion with me and your fellow readers.

Be well,



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