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6 More Practical Ways to Relax

6 More Practical Ways to Relax

We all have those days when we feel a little overworked or stressed. Ok, maybe ‘a lot’ overworked and stressed. In fact, it seems like we’re running around from one thing or responsibility to the next without truly enjoying the present moment. As such, it’s times like these that we really need to take a few moments to relax. To consciously breathe and to allow our busy minds some time to slow down. Or perhaps catch up.

Wellness rocksYet, how you relax depends on your personality type, how much available time you have and the specific activity that brings you renewed energy. So, in response to National Relaxation Day, which is today, here are links to two previous posts I wrote about on how to reduce stress and relax.

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And in case that’s not enough, continue reading for 6 more useful ways to help you mentally and physically slow down, relax and refocus.

6 More Practical Ways to Relax


1.      Turn Off the Noise

Without even realizing it, our ears are constantly bombarded with noise, which can increase our anxiety levels. Think about it. How many times does your smart phone ‘ping’ from new emails, text messages or news alerts? All this noise creates constant interruptions and can even produce stress if the notification is something we’re not happy about. What can you do? Block off several hours a day for ‘quiet’ time and turn off the sounds to your phone, tablet or computer.  


2.      Sit Quietly for a Few Moments

Everyone deserves a break and sometimes that means you just need to sit still (and quietly) for a few moments. Oh, and don’t even think about touching that cell phone. Leave it alone. Focus on your thoughts, your breath, and your tense body. And just sit. Close your eyes and relax.

 Park bench

3.      Jot Down What You’ve Accomplished

Sometimes we become anxious because we don’t think we’re getting anything accomplished. Yet in reality we’ve accomplished much more than we realize. So, take a few minutes and write down what you’ve completed for the day or the week. This simple act will definitely help ease your worries.

 Ni-cole's notebook & phone

4.      Declutter Your Surroundings

Yes, clutter and disorganization can definitely cause you to feel stressed. We tell ourselves we don’t have time to clean up. Then we become even more restless when we see the mess. Soon, it becomes a vicious cycle. What can you do? Block off some time – 10 to 20 minutes – and organize your desk, kitchen counter, vehicle, closet, files, mail, or whatever needs attention. Afterwards, you’ll feel much more stress-free in that environment. Heck, you may even find that the very act of reorganizing is relaxing. I sure do.


5.      Organize Your To-Do List

Many times when we create a to-do list, we don’t rank the items by priority. We just start feverishly jotting down all the stuff we have to get done. To help you relax and avoid apprehension, organize your list by priority or by importance. Think to yourself, ‘Is this something I have to do today or can it wait?’ Not only will this process help you accomplish more from your list, but it will help you focus on the (daily) important things first.


6.      Take a Stretch Break

I love stretching. Not only is it good for the body, but it is a great way to calm the restless mind. When you stretch, the initial goal is to release tension in the muscles and tendons of your legs, neck, back, or whatever place you are flexing. But what also happens when you stretch is that you automatically concentrate on that particular area of your body. This means, your mind relaxes and it transitions to a calmer state allowing you to focus better.

Stretching outside, fall, nature

Now that you have approximately 21 ways to relax, you have no excuse on why you can’t take advantage of National Relaxation Day. All you have to do is the pick the method that will bring you the most peace and will lessen your anxiety.

In fact, maybe you should pick a few approaches and set a goal to practice one relaxation technique a week for the next month or two? If you do this, I promise you’ll be much calmer by the holidays.

How Do You Relax?

Do you have a favorite way to relax? How about a daily ritual that helps alleviate your worries or stress? I would love to hear your thoughts about the way (or ways) you relax, so please share those with me.

Now, go take a break and enjoy National Relaxation Day! You deserve it.



Pics by Pixabay, except notebook/phone pic by SAE. 


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