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Welcome to Salt Air Exchange!

This blog site was created to share, learn and gather information on how to strive for a healthier lifestyle, to live beyond our fears and barriers, and finally to pursue life-long, authentic wellness. Our hope is that this site will provide you an avenue for learning and sharing thoughts, ideas, processes, and solutions for developing positive habits and healthy behavioral change as we follow along in this wonderful journey we call life. One of our favorite quotes…

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How Did We Create Our Name?

Salt Air: Salt (adjective) Overflowed with salt waters. Chosen from the distinctive salty marsh aroma that can be found in the beautiful Charleston, South Carolina Lowcountry. And for those of us lucky enough to call this historical place our home, this title suits.

Exchange: (noun) An occurrence in which people give information to each other. In fact, what better ways to enhance your own overall wellness than to receive helpful concepts and lessons as well as to provide feedback on the practices and behaviors you lead for your own healthy lifestyle.


About Ni-cole

Salt Air Exchange was founded by Ni-cole Bernier, a proud Lowcountry native, and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. She is an ACE Fitness Certified Health Coach, an avid walker, a Barre and yoga groupie, and a previous AFAA certified aerobics instructor. In her early years, Ni-cole participated in high school volleyball and basketball as well as cheerleading. She also spent many, many years dancing, including pointe.

Ni-cole Bernier with Salt Air Exchange

Capturing Carolina Photography

Ni-cole is also a wife, mom to a fuzzy furbaby, and an organizational excellence director for a local healthcare university. She is devoted to her family, believes in the power of prayer/meditation, adores spending time with her girlfriends (with wine, of course), loves chocolate, rides a motorcycle with her hubby, and believes that everyone can achieve ‘their’ optimum level of wellness.

Yes, Ni-cole spells her name with a ‘dash’. (Wink, wink)




Salt Air Exchange Disclaimer

I am an ACE Fitness Certified Health Coach; however I am not a doctor, counselor or registered dietitian. The content of this blog reflects my own personal experience and opinions. As with any new exercise program or change in diet, always consult your physician first. This blog is sincerely meant to inspire all of us towards a healthier lifestyle.

All posted photos are taken by me, unless stated otherwise.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Christine

    What a great site Ni-cole! I really like the article on how to plan for successful New Year’s Resolutions. Also, great information about you. You are such a beautiful person inside and out! I look forward to reading more as your site grows!

    1. Ni-cole Bernier Post author

      Thank you so much, Christine! I hope that you will also share (or exchange) some of the practices, resources or things you do or use for wellness.
      Much gratitude for your comments.

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