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When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

smartwatchWhen is the best time to exercise?

Growing up, I played sports throughout the seasons and took dance lessons in between and as many of you know from your own experiences, practices and games usually took place in the afternoons or at night. So, over the years, my body became very accustomed to this ‘workout’ schedule – attended classes or went to work, then exercised in the afternoons/evenings before or after dinner. And even though I didn’t give it much thought, I liked this schedule and stuck with it. It became my ‘workout time’ because it was the time when I usually felt my best and had the most energy. Also, it was just easy.

However, life happens and over time, trying to get in a really good workout after work and before dinner became challenging. Some days I would have to exercise after dinner due to traffic delays or working late at the office. And sadly this meant when I finally did workout, it was not as productive as I wanted because of a full belly and being too tired.

Pink tennis shoesNeedless to say, I finally decided I would try getting up early to exercise and although many, many people do this, the idea of getting up even earlier than I do for work to workout was unbelievably frightening to me. I mean, I am not a ‘bounce-out-of-bed’ kind of girl. Heck, I’m not a night owl either, but what I am is a ‘need-a-lot-of-sleep’ kind of person and now I was considering getting up even earlier. What the Heck Was I Thinking??

Well, it turns out, that I actually like getting up early to exercise! Why? Because it helps to jump-start my day. I feel like I’ve accomplished something, and if I happen to work late or get stuck in the lovely Lowcountry traffic, I don’t get irritated about losing valuable ‘workout time.’ With that being said, I will admit that my routine is usually a little less aerobic and consists of walking with incremental moments of planks, pushups, squats, and plies; however, I am getting in about 25-30 minutes of movement and that’s what counts. What’s also great about this ‘new’ exercise time is that if I get home from work and want to do something else, like yoga, working in the yard or taking a walk with the hubby after dinner, then it’s an added bonus.

So, when is the best time to exercise? Well, that really depends on YOU. Some things you have to consider before changing up your routine or creating a new exercise schedule are:

  • Work schedule
  • Family time (very important)
  • Your internal ‘clock’  (when you feel the best & most energized)
  • Type of exercise (aerobic/strength/flexibility/etc.)
  • Location (Can you do it at home or do you have to go to the gym?)

Only YOU can decide the best time to exercise but sometimes ‘life’ or other situations may force you to find a different time. If this is the case, please realize it may take you some time, days or weeks, for your body (and mind) to adjust to this new schedule. So, keep trying! The point is to do something healthy for your mind and body regardless of when you do it.

Life QuoteFor more information, here are some helpful sites to explore. In fact, there’s some interesting research out there regarding strength training and other forms of exercises that ‘work best’ at specific times.

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