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How to Create a Healthy Easter Basket

Easter Eggs in basketPutting together an Easter basket can be so much fun and they are especially enjoyable to give to your loved ones, a friend or even a co-worker. But sometimes you want to create a basket for someone who is either working towards a healthier eating lifestyle or you simply don’t want to fill their basket full of artificial candy and loads of sugary treats. So to help you create a much healthier, wholesome Easter basket, here are some fantastic choices to make it fun, colorful and much more nutritionally balanced. In fact, all of these healthier ideas are perfect for both children and adults.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Non-Food Ideas

This is just a sample of some of the healthier alternatives you can put into an Easter basket or bucket. Luckily for me and my hubby, my Mom still gives us an Easter basket and each year she always asks what we would like to receive. Usually for the Hubs, he likes tennis or golf balls, and for me, I’m always very happy with a Starbucks or Lowe’s giftcard. Yes, Mom definitely includes some candy in our baskets but over the years she has cut down significantly on the amount (at our request) of the peanut butter eggs and now we share our candy with coworkers.

Let’s all keep in mind though, Easter doesn’t always have to be about the chocolate bunny (although I LOVE a dark chocolate one) or colorful peeps. In fact, we all know that Easter has much more meaning than that.

Wishing each of you many blessings and a healthy and Happy Easter this year!

Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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