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How to Create a Simple Home Gym

How to Create a Simple Home Gym

For some of us, going to a gym or fitness facility is not always easy. In fact, some gyms are too far away or not close enough to easily get to and from work or home. We also know that a quick gym stop is not always convenient due to work, picking up kids or running errands. Sometimes, local gyms may lack the type of environment we are looking for because of old equipment, being too crowded, or they are just too expensive. When this happens, creating a simple home gym may be the answer.

Of course, who wouldn’t want a home gym that looked like this? (Me, me, me!!!)


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But how realistic is it or better yet, who has the extra room or budget for it? For most of us, not so much.

With that being said, a home gym can be very simple to create and has several benefits for making your workout time easier to accomplish.


·        Find an area of your home that you can dedicate for your exercise/workout space. It doesn’t have to be a very large room unless you have or want that. Just enough space for you to move around should work.

·        If it’s a ‘public’ area, use a closet, cabinet or space under the bed to keep your equipment (if possible).

·        Bonus – if you have an extra room that you are going to use as your gym or workout room, then you can really get creative in the design of the space. This is also your chance to include larger equipment.

Ni-cole & Socks side plank with mat


·        Mat – Find a really good mat for your floor or yoga exercises. Mats come in all kinds of sizes, thickness and colors. How you pick one depends on the exercises you are going to be doing and the type of floor it will be placed on. If the floor is hardwood, tile or brick, you’ll definitely want a thicker mat.

·        Hand Weights – Who wouldn’t want a full set of hand weights? But for practical purposes, only buy the weights you need AND will use. If you normally don’t lift anything beyond 10 pounds, there is no reason to get a 25 pound weight. And vice versa.

·        Stability Ball – These balls are not only great for improving your stability and core, they can be used as your ‘desk chair’ for your home office.

·        Resistance Bands – Unlike free weights, these elastic bands allow you to have full range of motion in a variety of moves. They are also helpful as you perform both your lifting (concentric) and lowering (eccentric) movements.

·        Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer or Recumbent Bike – If you have the space for one of these machines, you really need to include this as part of your home gym. Why? Because they are the easiest and perfect way to get your cardio training. And don’t think you have to spend hundreds to purchase one. Trust me, there are a lot of people out there who are selling their ‘barely-used’ treadmills on swap sites. In fact, that’s how I got mine and it was in perfect condition.  

·        TV, iPad or Radio – Get pumped up by listening to your favorite music or find your motivation following a workout routine by Bob Harper.

·        Sani-wipes – Ok, not necessarily ‘workout equipment’, but flu season is right around the corner. And even if you are the only one using your workout stuff, it’s still a great idea to wipe down your weights, mat and treadmill or bike.


Getting Started

If you have worked out for many years, then you probably already have a workout routine that you are comfortable doing. However, if you are a newbie at exercise, getting started and staying motivated can be overwhelming, especially doing it by yourself. Well fear not! Videos and technology are our friends.

Workout videos have been around for years. (Hello shiny, brown tights with neon-colored leg warmers.) Whether you choose to use exercise DVDs, or watch one of the newest videos on YouTube, there are hundreds of ways you can learn how to workout at home. And the best thing about videos is that they come in a variety of fitness levels from beginner to advance as well as different workout times.

Do you have a tablet or iPad? If so, this is your best resource from creating a personal fitness routine. How? By downloading several fitness apps, you can create your favorite workout program at home. Then take your workout program with you when you travel.  Here’s a previous post Beginner Yoga – Before Your Go to the Studio  I wrote about yoga and the mobile apps I like to use.  


The Home Advantage

The final benefit of creating a home gym is that it can be a perfect way for someone who is just starting their wellness journey. Many times, people WANT to get healthier, but going to a gym is scary especially when they feel that they will be judged on their looks or their lack of knowledge on how to use the equipment. (One word of caution though. As a newbie, don’t try to jump right into a strenuous routine with heavy weights or intensity without being properly trained.)   

Lastly, creating a home gym allows you to exercise on YOUR own time. In other words, there’s no need to worry about avoiding busy facility times, crowds or packing a gym bag – just in case. If you want to get up early before work to exercise, then do it. If you’d rather wait until everyone goes to bed, then do it. Whenever you decide the time is to focus on your health and your body, working out at home is your answer. Just change your clothes and start moving!

 Do you have a home gym? What kind of equipment do you have or use? Share it with me. Or better yet, send me a picture so we can ‘exchange’ it with other readers.

Have a great week!


** Home gym pic – Heritage Hills, Celebrity Community. Plank picture by SAE. Other pics by Pixaby




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