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Easy Berry Yogurt Smoothie

Berry Smoothie


Smoothies seem to be all the rage these days and finding a good recipe is as easy as flipping through a magazine, searching Pinterest or doing a Google search. The key to an enjoyable smoothie recipe is finding one that you will like, as well as reviewing the ingredients to make sure you aren’t consuming a ton of unwanted calories or sugar.

Smoothies are great because you can blend nearly any type of food you want, for any purpose you want. Whether you want to give your breakfast or snack some variety, or for the picky eater, you can add leafy greens to their daily intake in a way that tastes a little bit better. Some smoothies include greens, while others do not. Some smoothies include ingredients to sweeten the tastes such as sugar, honey or sugar substitute, while other recipes rely on the sweetness of the fruit to boost the flavor. I, personally, don’t like to include any sweeteners in my smoothies, because I prefer the natural taste of the fruit and other ingredients.

So, here’s one my favorite recipes – Berry & Yogurt Smoothie. It’s very quick and easy and you can add to or delete any of the ingredients you want to suit your preference.


Blend well and add more Almond Milk or yogurt to suit your taste.

Calories – approximately 150

Blender used demonstration is the Nutribullet.

Helpful tips – You can swap out the almond milk for apple juice and swap out the flax seeds for any other seeds or nuts, such as almonds, which I’ve used before. I’ve tried it with the yogurt and without, but I prefer to use it for the protein factor as well as for the texture/smoothness.

What I like most about this yummy Easy Berry & Yogurt Smoothie recipe is that I use it a lot for breakfast on the weekends or as a lunch substitute if I know I’m going to have a large dinner. It’s also an easy way to get some of your allotted amount of fruits and veggies in for the day, which I sometimes struggle to do.

Have a favorite smoothie recipe you’d like to share? Tell us your thoughts.


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