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How to Exercise When You Are Stuck Inside

Winter is here, but luckily the mild weather doesn’t interfere with working out for most of us in the south. But every once and awhile, something happens (weather-wise) and we get stuck inside. Yesterday, January 3, 2018, was an exciting day for most of us in the Lowcountry. All around the tri-county area, we received heavy sleet early in the morning which turned into heavy snow about mid-day. And the snow just kept coming. And coming. And coming.

Now for those of you who aren’t from South Carolina, this weather phenomenon may not be a big deal. But for us locals, having snow that actually sticks to the ground and slippery ice to drive or walk over is a HUGE deal. In fact, any kind of snow or ice literally shuts down the city and surrounding towns. Why? Because we don’t have the winter equipment to clear our roads or manage the hundreds of icy bridges we have.

frozen fountain & snow

So, whenever we have a weather event like this, which rarely happens by the way, we’re told to stay off the roads because businesses, schools and offices are closed. Basically we have ‘free’ days off!! Yippee! But this also means that many of us are stuck inside. For individuals who are dedicated to working out and living a healthy lifestyle, this can create a problem. Or does it?

Truthfully, being stuck inside doesn’t have to derail your wellness motivation or your activity level at all. All you really need is a little creativity, and some music. If you have some hand weights and an iPad, then you’re definitely ready for some calorie-burning movement.

yoga mat, yoga block & ipad

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Finally, for those of you are brave enough to go outside in the frigid cold, read this previous post on how to stay warm.

As I look out the window at all the layers of fluffy, white snow on the ground, I will definitely bundle up when I venture outside later today.

In the meantime, I have a 30 minute date with my iPad and two sessions of interval training and an online yoga video.

Stay warm my wellness friends and keep moving!

Ni-cole in a furry hood & snow








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