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Why You Should Join Me on National Walking Day

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 is considered National Waking Day and it is a time that everyone can use to celebrate the very easy task of walking. Too often, we take this simple physical movement for granted. That is, until we injure ourselves and struggle to perform our daily routine without pain. Then, like a light bulb going out, we realize just how important this activity is for our normal every day functions.

Why Walking?

Walking is one of my favorite fitness workouts and in a previous post, I shared with you how you can add walking to your normal exercise routine – Why You Should Add Walking to Your Workout . From that post you’ll learn the value of this simple activity and the amazing advantages your overall physical body will gain.

However, there are many times people believe that walking isn’t strenuous enough to burn fat or calories. But if you simply create opportunities throughout your day to add steps and walk, you will be surprised at the cardiovascular and calorie-burning benefits your body will receive. Besides, have you ever tried to keep up with a speed walker?? Or added an incline to your treadmill? Trust me, both of these variations of walking will get your heart pumping.

Ni-cole taking a walking break-every step

Not Convinced Yet?

Perhaps you’re thinking you’re too busy to take time out of your day to go for a walk? Stepping away for a few minutes will create too much stress, you think. Well, guess what? Your mind needs a break and if you want a proven way to reduce some nagging stress, put on your tennis shoes and go for a walk. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Your body (and mind) will positively react to this much needed break. Need proof? Read this previous post I wrote about how walking can reduce stress – Take a Walk to Relieve Stress.

I could go on and on about walking, but I’ll stop and leave you with these thoughts. The physical, mental and perhaps even spiritual benefits of walking outweigh any excuse you have for not doing it. Finally, the ultimate bonus for adding extra steps to your day by walking is that this activity is ridiculously easy. Other than a nice pair of walking shoes, you don’t need any equipment and you can enjoy walking indoors or outside in the beautiful sunshine. So, get started today!

girl in fitness gear walking


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Happy Walking, y’all!



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