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Join the November Plank Challenge

Wow, can you believe it’s already November??? If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering where this year has gone? The good news is the holiday season has officially started. The bad news (or not so good news) is there are only 2 more months left to meet any goals you set for yourself for 2016. BUT… you still have options. One of them being the November Plank Challenge!

Ni-cole forearm plankSo, what is the November Plank Challenge? Also known as ‘Planksgiving’ or ‘#plankchallenge’ on social media, this month-long event is a way to build up your core strength and stamina while doing floor planks. There are several versions to the November Plank Challenge. Some are based on increasing your time (or hold) each day, while others guide you through different variations of the plank for each day. In fact, some people are getting rather creative with their own plank challenge. This means, you can literally find a daily challenge that works specifically for your skill level.

For me, it’s about increasing my time, so the version below is the one I’ll be doing for this ‘Planksgiving’ month. (Challenge provided by Snapfitness)

plank-challengeWhat do you think? Ready to improve and strengthen your core muscles? How about carving out some lean arm definition? Of course the holidays are fun, but so is the idea of meeting a goal at the end of the month. Oh, and let’s not forget the amazing arms and body you’ll have for those holiday parties.

If you need additional motivation on how great planks are for your body, read this previous post I wrote on planks – Ultimate Total Body Toner – Plank.

Ni-cole plank challenge

Join me and countless others in the November Plank Challenge.

Remember, to TAG me on Instagram or Twitter when you post your planks and use the hashtag #planksgiving and #plankchallenge.

I would love to celebrate your progress!

~ Good luck





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