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How to Make Halloween a Little Healthier

Most people love this time of year because of the colorful decorations and very cute costumes. In fact, I’m amazed at the creativity some people have when it comes to dressing up for the big night. But at the same time, many parents dread the thought of how much Halloween candy their little ghost or goblin will bring home. One reason is because they don’t want their child to consume that much sugar, but they also know that it can be very tempting to snag a couple of pieces of chocolate for themselves.

Let’s be honest. Eating a piece of chocolate every now and then is not a problem and quite frankly, satisfies that yummy craving we might be having. But seeing a large basket of Halloween candy lying around can create a very unhealthy habit. One piece suddenly becomes two, three, four or… oops, we’ve lost track.


To help manage the Halloween candy overload, here are a few ways to make Halloween a little healthier for you and your family.


1.      Limit the Amount of Candy

a.      Tell your child to only take one piece of candy per house. Even if the owner wants to give more, teach your child to say, ‘only one piece please.’

b.      Once you get home, divide up the candy into groups – one to keep, one to donate to a school/church/business/charity and one for later in the year.


2.      Be the House that Gives Out Healthier Treats

a.      Fruit decorated like jack-o-lanterns or ghosts using a non-toxic pen

b.      Snack size bag of pretzels, popcorn, dried fruit, or trail mix popcorn-pumpkin

c.      Real fruit strips or strings

d.      Sugar-free gum

e.      Juice boxes

f.       raisins

g.      Granola bars



3.      Hand Out Non-Food Goodies

a.      Bouncy balls

b.      Stickers or temporary tattoos

c.      Coloring books & crayons

d.      Small toys – yoyos, jacks

e.      Glow Sticks

f.       Bubble makers or toy squirt guns

g.      Vampire teeth, Halloween makeup or spider necklaces or rings

h.      Toy stretchy bracelets

child blowing bubbles

Finally, if you live in a large neighborhood or an area that is safe to do so, go walking to do your trick or treating instead of driving. Not only will this add to your family time, but you’ll also get in a little exercise. Show your child that Halloween means more than just getting candy. Halloween is about celebrating a spooky holiday with family and friends in a safe and healthy manner.

Have a unique way you like to celebrate Halloween? Share your ideas with me and the rest of our readers.

HalloweenHappy Halloween y’all! Be well.



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