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Being Mindful Beyond Thanksgiving

Being Mindful Beyond Thanksgiving

With the approach of the holidays, it’s easy to become distracted by the hustle and bustle of planning, cooking, cleaning, traveling, decorating and buying gifts. In fact, most of us would probably admit that the holidays are downright stressful at times. So, over the next few days and weeks, I’d like to challenge you to take a few moments to be mindful beyond Thanksgiving. Little boy walking through wheat field_mindful

What do I mean?

Over the next few months, I would like you to find 5 minutes out of your day to stop what you’re doing and make a very conscious effort to just think. Think about what you’re grateful for. Consider the wonderful people who you are thankful for and why. And during this hectic time, use those few moments to decide HOW you can enjoy those activities, things or people more.

Being mindful means having the ability to be truly ‘present’ in the moment. To sincerely enjoy or experience every sound, sight, smell or feel of the activity you’re participating in. In fact, being mindful allows you to focus on the person, place or activity and ignore (for the moment) anything that may interfere with the experience. Because as we all know, that interference typically robs the joy out of what we’re doing.

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An Example

Here’s a metaphor of what being mindful means. Consider planning a vacation. Most of us have a lot of stuff to do to plan for that vacation – extra work responsibilities, making hotel reservations, packing, etc. Then once we finally arrive at our destination, what is our number one goal when we get there? To relax and not think! We don’t want to think about anything except the sand between our toes or the snow below the ski.

Being mindful is just like that. Relaxed and enjoying the moment.

Pumpkins & mums_thanksgivingSo, when you’re making your grandmother’s favorite Thanksgiving dish, don’t worry so much about making it perfect. Instead, use the time to think about how she would tactfully peel the onions. Or take a moment to really enjoy the splendid aromas coming from your own kitchen.

Later when it’s time to decorate the tree, don’t get caught up in trying to get it up as quickly as possible. Instead, make some hot chocolate, turn on some lively Christmas carols and get the family involved. Ignore the things you have to do tomorrow and enjoy the amazing people in your life.

Happy People Who Are Thankful

The Practice

Over time, I bet you’ll find that this simple act of being ‘present in the moment’ will bring you much joy. As a matter of fact, I think it will be a practice you’ll want to do beyond Thanksgiving and perhaps even throughout the new year.

So, that is why I want to challenge you to do the following. Be mindful of every moment. Be thankful for what you have. And be grateful for every splendid blessing.

I wish all of you a very healthy, happy and mindful Thanksgiving.  

~ Ni-cole


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