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Motivational Monday – Comfort Zones

Comfort Zone

How many of us neglect our well-being or health simply because we are comfortable?

We become comfortable skipping the gym because ‘tonight, we are too tired.’ We become comfortable not taking the dog or kids for a walk because our favorite show is on TV. We become comfortable with eating one extra cookie, just this time. We become comfortable skipping lunch because we are too busy at work. We become comfortable grabbing the last bag of chips that someone left in the work breakroom. We become comfortable loosening the notch on the belt-loop one more time. We become comfortable hearing the doctor tell us (again) that our cholesterol and weight is too high and we need to begin exercising.

It’s not until we become UNcomfortable that we realize we need to make a change. It’s not until we become REALLY uncomfortable of being tired, sluggish, and realizing that we are missing out on the best part of ourselves that we begin the process of contemplation and motivation. The motivation to DO more, to BE more and to begin improving OUR health.  

Ready to do GREAT things? Then, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Ready to do GREAT things? Then, it's time to get out of your comfort zone. Click To Tweet

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