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Motivational Monday – Full ‘Effort’

Full Effort

From Pinterest

Ever hear a comment like this growing up? I did. Well, at least the first half of the statement anyway. On many occasions when working on a project, cleaning my room or doing chores, I was told ‘don’t half-ass it.’

Mind you, my Mother never cursed and my Dad limited his cursing to a$s, damn, and sh!t. And I was severely scolded the first time I ever said a curse word in front of them. However, the statement became somewhat of an underlying motto in our household, meaning ‘do your best and always give your full effort.’

To this day, if there is something I have to accomplish at work or at home that I am not 100% thrilled to be doing, I motivate myself with this statement. And now that someone has cleverly added a second half to this motivating challenge, I love this motto even more.

So, go out there and give your FULL ‘EFFORT’ in whatever you do!

Don’t compromise, don’t cheat, and definitely ‘Don’t Half-Ass It.’

Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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