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Movement Category – An Introduction


Ni-cole at Barre

Ni-cole at Barre

To help us all stay motivated and knowledgeable, I will frequently post content, pictures, recommendations and resources related to Movement. This will include barre exercises, beginning yoga, lots of information and resources about walking; and finally, a section called ‘All Day, Every Day’, which will include simple movements that everyone can do to increase their activity level for achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Posts and exercises will be aimed at all levels of physical ability, from the busy working person who only has time for a quick stress-relieving walk, to the fitness enthusiast who is looking to add a little variety to their normal routine.


As such, since this is the south, we typically have nearly year-round warm weather, so these posts will also include area locations you can visit to enjoy your workouts outside. (However, as a Lowcountry native, I must confess, that any temperature below 60 degrees is ‘freezing’ in my mind, so don’t laugh at any of my pictures that show me bundled in lots and lots of layers.)

However, we have to keep this one thought in mind as we travel this wellness journey together. There’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution with fitness and everyone’s physical and biological makeup is different; so the potential benefit and the body’s response with each exercise or routine will also be different for each individual. Remember, the ultimate goal with fitness is to keep the body moving and find the form of exercise that you specifically love and brings you reward – in whatever form that may be.

Please feel free to share tips, resources, comments and your experiences with different forms of movement. I would love to hear from you so we can share with others how you incorporate exercise into your life’s daily journey.

Now, go out there and MOVE!

Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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