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Quick & Easy Sauteed Chicken Salad

sauteed chicken salad

Easy sautéed Chicken Salad

Ever find yourself pressed for time or simply not in the mood to spend a lot of time cooking something for dinner? Yep, you’re probably thinking… ‘all the time.’ When I have one of those days, my go-to meal is always an easy and quick sautéed chicken salad.

What I like most about this easy, healthy salad recipe is that you probably already have most of the ingredients in your fridge and it only takes about 10 or so minutes to create it. In fact, it’s so easy, even your spouse or partner can put it together. Or better yet, let the kids practice creating a healthy lunch or dinner using the ingredients of this recipe or include any other nutrient-dense foods you may have available – peppers, cucumbers, carrots, etc.

Review the recipe below for my latest (and my usual standard) version of a sautéed chicken salad.

  • Skinless chicken strips or breasts (natural, no preservatives or antibiotics)
  • Spices/Seasoning (McCormick Grill Mates Roasted Garlic & Herb)
  • Organic spring salad mix with kale (this is my favorite go-to salad mix)
  • Tomatoes (today I used mini Marzanos, but I usually use cherry)
  • Feta Cheese (Athenos Tomato and Basil – my favorite)
  • Vinaigrette (Marie’s Italian Vinaigrette)


Cut the chicken into strips if needed. Coat strips with seasoning, salt and pepper.

Place chicken into a small skillet with a little bit of olive oil and cook on medium heat for about 6-8 minutes. Turn occasionally to prevent burning.

While the chicken is cooking, rinse salad mix, cut/slice tomatoes and plate all other ingredients.

Once the chicken is finished cooking, place it on top of salad and add a small amount of vinaigrette dressing. (Toss all ingredients together in a bowl prior to dressing if you prefer.)

There you have it! A yummy, healthy (and easy) chicken salad.

If you want to add a little crunch to your salad, you can always toss some walnuts, pecans, or sesame seeds on top. And to add a little sweetness, you can also include dried cranberries.


Have a quick and easy salad you make frequently, please share it and let’s ‘exchange’ recipes. I’m always interested in finding something new and healthy to add to my ‘quick and easy’ meal collection.


Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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