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How to Review Year-End Goals

Now that Christmas is over, many people start thinking about New Year’s and making resolutions. Yet what many of us fail to do is review the past year and celebrate our wins and reflect on our opportunities.

Old Habits

If you’re like me, you’ve probably created some very lofty goals and targets in past years. And when some of them didn’t pan out, we would find ourselves disappointed, unhappy and claiming that we’ll ‘do better next year’. Then, the following year rolls around, and the same thing happens again. The crucial step we kept missing year after year was discovering WHY we didn’t achieve our goal (or goals) in the first place.



Taking the time to reflect on year-end goals is very important and is a crucial step for establishing your New Year’s resolutions. In fact, if one of your goals is long-term, reflecting on your progress and reviewing where you may need to make adjustments moving forward is essential for your advancement. Unexamined experiences yield very little learning lessons. To become better, you have to review your own results and become more aware of your choices.

Google year-end goal, resolutions or year-end tactics, and you’ll find a lot of articles and posts on how to do this. But many of them require that you create long ‘numbered’ lists of wins, losses, etc. For me, putting a number on something or requiring me to come up with 10 reasons why I did or didn’t do something creates stress. (And I don’t like stress!) Reviewing your year should be effortless and worthwhile.

So, here’s an easier way to review your year-end goals. You can put as little or as many details as you want, because honestly, this is YOUR list and YOUR life. Only you know what you’ve been able to accomplish or not. Remember, be honest and don’t beat yourself up if one list is longer than any of the others. The strategy is for you to celebrate the goals you’ve been able to achieve and reflect on what to do with the ones that didn’t make it.

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How To Review Year-End Goals:
  • Accomplishments – What goal(s) did you achieve this year? Big or small, list them all. Celebrate ALL of your wins! Feel proud for what you’ve been able to achieve.
  • Obstacles – What happened during the year that made your accomplishments harder? Did anything happen that made you prioritize your goals differently? New job? Move? Marriage? Illness? How can you prevent this from happening next year?
  • Spotlight – What goal(s) did you find yourself spending the most time on? What was the reason for spotlighting that goal(s)? How did you feel about doing that?
  • Setbacks – What regrets or failures did you have this year? What goals did you fail to achieve? Why? If it could have been prevented, how? How can you ensure it won’t happen again?
  • Reflections – How will you take the information you have now and create or revamp goals for 2017? How will you improve your process? What will you do differently (if anything)?
Next Steps

Now, that you’ve read this process, are you ready to review your goals and progress of 2016? Do you think this strategy will help you moving forward into 2017? I know it will certainly help me especially since I had several goals that I need to revamp due to a major (work) obstacle.

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Remember, this post is providing you with a strategy on how to review and reflect on year-end goals for 2016. But if you’re having challenges on HOW to create or develop your New Year’s goals for 2017, read this previous post I wrote on 5 Steps To A Successful New Year’s Resolution.

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Once you’ve created your list, share with me your thoughts or comments on the process. How did it work for you? Do you have a different way of reflecting on your goals each year? I would love to hear about it.

Wishing each and every one of you a very healthy, mindful and Happy New Year!

Be well & be you!




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