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Sizzling Summer Leg Exercises – Part 2

Many of us have a tendency to get a little relaxed during the winter with our workouts, especially on our toning and strengthening exercises. For this reason, we need to focus our attention on a few selective and easy exercises to add a little definition to our fabulous legs.

Below you’ll find Part 2 of the Sizzling Summer Leg Exercise workout and Part 2 offers standing exercises that do not require any equipment or a gym unless you wish to add some additional hand or ankle weights for a heavier challenge. These standing moves will also help improve your balance and condition your overall lower body.

Standing Leg Exercises:

Split Squat/Lunges

Place one leg in front and the other behind you with heel up. Begin with 2 sets of 10 lunges (lower your body towards the ground) for each leg. Ensure that your knees do not ‘lean’ beyond your toes. This moves targets the hips and overall legs.

SAE standing leg lunges

Plie Squats

To tone both your thighs and glutes, stand with feet far apart and begin with 2 sets of 15 reps – lower down and lift up. In fact, smaller lifts will actually have a big impact. To add a challenge, lift each heel separately and do a set of 15 reps.

SAE Plie Squats

Calf Raises

Want sexy, defined lower legs? Stand with feet close together and begin with 2 sets of 10 heel raises. Hold on to a chair or wall for stability.

SAE Calf Raises

Body Weight Squats

Stand with feet hip width apart, and lower your hips down like you are going to sit in a chair. Begin with 2 sets of 15 squats. Ensure that your knees do not ‘lean’ passed your toes and try to keep your back straight. You can hold your hands out front for balance and try to focus your weight in your heels.

SAE Squats

Wall Sit

Don’t think a wall is going to make this leg movement easy. Lean against a wall and lower your body to a sitting position. Ensure your knees do not go beyond your toes. If they do, slide your feet forward. Hold position for 15 counts and repeat 2 more times.

SAE Wall Sit

Side Leg Lifts

Standing with feet slightly apart, lift one leg out to the side and lower back down. Do 2 reps of 12 lifts for each leg to target the outer thigh. You can put your hands on your waist or out to the side for balance.

SAE outer leg lift

Remember, if you want to make the most of these toning and strengthening exercises, you will need to add some aerobic or cardio exercises for 20-30 minutes every day to ensure you are improving your overall pulmonary (breathing) and cardio health as well.

One suggestion is that after running, walking, tennis or whatever exercise you like to do, just add a few of the leg exercises to the beginning or end of your routine. In fact, if you choose to perform these exercises in the beginning of your routine, it’s a good habit to stretch and warm up (walking in place for 100 steps) your legs first to avoid any unnecessary cramps.

Try to include several of these standing leg exercises throughout the next several weeks and I promise you’ll have very strong and toned legs that you will be very proud to show off for the summer.

Looking for more thigh, calf and butt exercises? Review the previous post Part 1 of the Sizzling Summer Leg Exercises that was featured last week.

Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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