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Take a Walk to Relieve Stress

Walking break


Do you walk as a form of exercise? How about to relieve stress? If not, you should start taking advantage of this natural mood enhancer NOW.

Walking is my absolute favorite form of exercise because it is one of the easiest and least strenuous forms of activity you can do to burn calories, engage the muscles and clear the mind. And the good news is, you don’t even have to change clothes or go to the gym to do it.

Dog walkingTo relieve stress of your daily work routine, you can take a mental break and walk for as little as 5 – 10 minutes before you eat lunch. These few moments of stepping away from your desk, office or phone will help clear the mind when the mid-day crunch of completing your to-do list hits. In fact, it’s a great way to help you re-focus and prioritize the rest of your day. Plus, the extra energy boost is a bonus.

Or perhaps you’re finding that you need more than just 10 minutes to detach from your daily stressor(s).  Maybe those chronic tense shoulders are really telling you that you need a bit more time to de-stress and calm your nerves. If this is the case, then a brisk 20 – 30 minute stroll after work is highly recommended. Add the family and the lovable pet to this evening walk, and I guarantee you will ALL benefit from the exercise; but more importantly, you’ll end your day on a more positive note.

The amazing, natural benefits of walking can reduce your stress level in several ways.

  1. It boosts endorphins (you know, the ‘feel-good’ hormone)
  2. Engages multiple muscles and body parts – legs (obviously), arms, ab muscles (core)
  3. Both actions listed above help to reduce tension and anger
  4. Improves blood pressure, circulation and improves your heart health

Even if you start with just 5 minutes a day, make an effort to add a little walking time to your routine.

Walking on Rutledge

Taking a walking break

So, the next time the boss, your spouse or partner tells you to ‘Take a Walk’, simply smile and do it! Put on your comfy shoes. And do something good for your mind, body and soul – feel the tension ease as you take every step by step by step.

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