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The Lowcountry Category – An Introduction

IMG_0019The Lowcountry section of the blog was created to showcase the many beautiful locations, open spaces and businesses we have available to us in the tri-county area. Occasionally I will highlight some of the amazing people who make a positive and healthy impact on all of us ‘locals’. And as a firm advocate for buying and supporting our local farmers and businesses, I hope that you will join me in reaching out to these amazing folks and use your purchasing power for the prosperity of our Lowcountry community.

In addition, this section will include reviews and resources of the many outside places where you can exercise, enjoy quiet time, spend quality time with family or learn a bit more about this beautiful area many of us call home. For our traveling friends and family, occasionally our posts may take place outside of coastal South Carolina, since we all know that wellness ‘travels’ with us.

If there’s a particular place or location you’d like me to highlight, please leave a comment or reach out to me. The same is true if you happen to know of an amazing Lowcountry person who perpetuates the ultimate appreciation of health, wellness and positive vibes.

Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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