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Using the Charleston Battery as Your Outdoor Gym

Murray Drive - the BatteryDid you know there’s a great location downtown Charleston to workout? Especially if you’re looking for quiet streets, views of beautiful historic homes, very large, old oak trees, Civil War monuments and the sound of lapping waves on a brick and concrete wall.  Yep, I’m referring to the Charleston Battery and White Point Gardens.

Although this place is visited quite regularly with tourists, I also consider it to be one of the best places to run, jog, walk, do yoga, complete stretches or just sit and meditate. In fact, it’s actually rather quiet and peaceful considering many other people are trying to profit from this wonderful location for various reasons as well.

Luckily, I work nearby so I try to take advantage of this beautiful outdoor gym as much as possible. Below you’ll find a sample of one of my recent workouts on the Charleston Battery, and nearby White Point Gardens.

My journey started by briskly walking from the corners of Rutledge Avenue and Calhoun Street towards the water at Murray Boulevard, better known as the ‘Battery’.  Then I took a couple of breaks for some easy arm exercises using the side of the wall and handrail as my equipment.

Next, I continued down the Battery towards White Point Gardens. There, I continued with several other leg and core exercises.

By this time, the sun was going down and I decided to head back. I certainly don’t mind walking in the dark, but as anyone who has walked the lovely brick and stone sidewalks that Charleston is famous for knows, if you don’t pay attention or it’s dark outside, you may very well find yourself face-planted in dirt due to an uneven sidewalk.

So, the next time you want to add a little variety to your workout and have a craving for being outside, take a detour to the Charleston Battery and White Point Gardens. Equipment is not necessary, but you can certainly take a jump rope, yoga mat, or hand weights. And trust me, don’t worry about people watching you. Remember, first, you’re doing something great for your mind and body, and two, everyone there is absorbed into their own little world by themselves or with family, friends or their pet. Besides, would it be so bad if you were able to motivate others to use this wonderful location to exercise?

Have a favorite place in the Lowcountry you like to walk, run or exercise? Tell us about it. We would love to share.

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