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Wearables Category – An Introduction

Welcome to the Wearables section of the blog!

Wearables will highlight clothes and clothing accessories that I consider to be comfortable and wearable for working out, running errands and lounging around the house. This section will also include reviews on fitness/workout accessories that are useful for improving or maintaining an active lifestyle. Examples include fitness counters, containers, trackers, etc. And since I am not much of a tech nerd or fashionista, I will REALLY be relying on all of you to share some of your favorite garbs, gadgets and doodads.

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Ni-cole’s Wearables

As I mentioned earlier, I will definitely choose comfort over irritating discomfort any day of the week when it comes to clothes, however I absolutely believe in the mental power of one of my favorite quotes.

‘No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.’

Simply put, there are some days when we just need to DRESS UP to get ourselves motivated to hit the gym, treadmill, yoga mat or frankly to motivate ourselves and our attitude for a typical Monday work day, business meeting or event. I’m not saying that we always have to ‘dress to kill’ or buy the latest fashion trend, but there’s definitely some merit to pulling yourself together (whatever that looks like to you) when you least feel like doing it.

Do you have a favorite brand of clothing or accessory you like to use during exercise? How about something you like to use because it keeps you motivated to stay healthy?

Take a moment to share your thoughts now. We want to hear!


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2 thoughts on “Wearables Category – An Introduction

  1. HollyK

    Hi! Lululemon, Lucy, and Athleta are by far my favorites for workout wear. Nike tends to ride up in the front if you know what I mean! I like to scan Goodwill for tanks I can wear to sweat in and not feel badly when it’s time for them to hit the trash bin. Plus, the tanks are usually less than $3 each! Always wash before wearing, naturally! Under Armor and Lulu have the best sports bras for my daughter who is blessed in the chest area. She likes to feel compressed and supported and they do fulfill her requirements. And please for the love of Pete, ladies, DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR WITH YOUR WORKOUTWEAR!!!!! There’s a built-in crotch for a reason. VPLs with workout wear looks worse than in regular clothing. Check your back view after a few burpees if you don’t believe me. Happy workouts to all!

    1. Ni-cole Bernier Post author

      Thank you HollyK for this great feedback, especially since it gave me a few giggles about the underwear. 😉 I also like Athleta and Under Armor, but haven’t tried Lululemon yet because I’m pretty frugal. Thanks for the suggestion on Goodwill for tanks. Since I also have a hard time finding ones I really like, I guess this means a trip to a few stores around town very soon!
      Hope you comment again very soon, HollyK.
      Be well,

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