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Yummy Category – An Introduction

Shish Kebab

Let’s have a conversation about food.

Who doesn’t love to eat, right?? (I see your hand waving.) Of course, the process of consuming food is necessary for sustaining life, however many of us thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly) enjoy the meal process. In other words, some of you like the creative process of prepping, and cooking a delicious meal, while others of us are more adept at enjoying every single morsel of that very tasty plate of goodness.

So, now answer this next question. Who loves to eat healthy??? (Come on, pick that hand back up!) As many of you already know, eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad or become a labor-intensive prepping and cooking process.  It’s simply a matter of learning what’s healthy and nutritionally beneficial for your body.

As such, this section of the blog, called Yummy, will include posts on food, nutrition, recipes and about how to make healthier choices about what we eat. However, I have one caveat… occasionally I may post a food item that some may not consider as completely healthy and for me, that’s ok. You’ll learn about my personal food philosophy in a later post, but in the meantime, food and nutrition are a daily journey I am enjoying, just like many of you. I don’t believe in extreme ‘diets’ but I fully understand that some individuals may need to extremely modify their food intake temporarily to aid in their behavior change. To me, it’s all about making the right nutritional choices and finding balance.

Farmers' Market

Farmers’ Market

This section of the blog will also include information and educational resources that you may find helpful and will even include a few guest posts by some amazing local, nutritional experts.

Next step, ‘exchange’ some of your yummiest recipes with us so that we can all share in one of the simplest pleasures in life and that is enjoying the flavors and comfort of food the healthy way.



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Would love to hear your thoughts & exchange ideas.

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